Kickstart your installation process.

Troubleshooting, commissioning, and load test to the related equipment. We have it all.

Experience For Offshore Crane

Our Crane Operator is Responsible for operation and maintenance of the crane operator. And we have special experience from offshore.

Engineers and Technicians are Experienced

We Have engieering and technician with skill and techniques to provide to our customers. Improving manufacturing methods and maintaining assembly systems.


Our Services

About what we are able to do for you.

Crane Installation and Commissioning

Crane engineers and crane technicians are trained in electrical, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical crane installation

Crane Inspection and Load Test

We are able to perform troubleshooting, commissioning, and load test to the related equipment.

Flushing and chemical cleaning equipment

Development of winch monitoring and control systems for offshore rigs and related support vessels.

Equipment rental for Load Test

We provide our rental of load testing equipment and tensioning tool to our customers with good Services.

Line tension, speed & payout monitoring

IAMO's line monitoring program is a groundbreaking software/hardware package that tracks towline tension history over time.

Winch Installation & commisioning

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The goods that you need to see


Knuckle Sea Crane

Invented the hydraulic crane and followed that innovation with the hydraulic knuckle cranes now used in marine applications around.


Knuckle telescopic crane

Using an articulated jib of either knuckle or folding type, the jib head can be presented close to the load in order to minimise the pendulum effect.


Sea Crane

Crane vessels are used for offshore construction. This type of crane vessel was much less sensitive to sea swell, so that it was possible to operate.